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Protective Mask ta, the space caused by Ye Han s Protective Mask blow was broken, and the red and blue Protective Mask spheres that originally surrounded Fang Tianxiao and Ye Han were also fiercely broken.Then, a violent turbulent explosion, instantly raging in the Devils Mountains.Everyone who watched the outside world was shocked.It was impossible to imagine what Protective Mask kind of battle would be su.ch a horrible scene. They quickly evaded to avoid being caught, while their eyes were still staring at the Protective Mask center of the violent energy, not wanting to miss the battle there.The next moment, they suddenly saw the appearance of Ye Han first.However, he is out of the raging turbulent flow, like a meteorite falling out, the blood in his mouth is mad, and his body is bloody.Ye Han lost When I saw this scene, everyone s mind was a hop, and the thoughts Protective Mask came out in an instant.Immediately, some people showed a surprise color on their faces, while others were sinking their faces.Ha ha Protective Mask ha Qin De could not help but laugh at the sky.Although he originally thought that Dan Wang Fang Tianxiao shot, Ye Han defeat is inevitable, but when he really saw this scene, he still could not help but ecstasy.After Ye Han s figure flew out, Dan Wang Fan

g Tian Protective Mask s figure followed and rushed out.However, the appearance of Fang Tianxiao at the moment also made many people secretly scared.I saw his black hair fluttering, and his dust filter mask amazon robes seemed to have been ripped apart by the violent energy in the air, Protective Mask and it looked very embarrassing.However, compared to Ye Han, he is now awe inspiring, and his body is full of enthusiasm, and the robes are hunting and squeaking, making a harsh sound.His eyes were red and red, and the strong killing in his eyes was like a real swordHis body was full of violent temperament, like a god of killing.He suddenly what is disposable nose mask killed the leaf cold from the sky. not good Save Your Highness Lin Zhirong and others all reacted, and Protective Mask they immediately rushed toward Ye Han.It is a pity that their intense leaf cold is a bit far what respirator for aluminum oxide away, and it is too late to get close to Ye Han.Fang Tianxiao has already caught Ye Han directly. Doing a good job Qin Deda face mask for colds claimed.They Protective Mask forced the volley and other face mask that filters dust people to retire, and they quickly rushed toward Fang Tianxiao.At the same time, the few people in the Devil s Castle, who have already fought in Protective Mask the moment, Protective Mask have already come outside, and they are also rushing toward Fang Tianxiao.In

Protective Mask

their view, as Ye Han lost and was defeated, this melee Protective Mask finally reached the Protective Mask end of their victory.No one noticed that Fang Tianxiao, who had captured Ye Han , watched them fly toward themselves at the moment, but the smile on his face was somewhat strange.Chapter 487 Top Powers A sound broke through the air and rang out over the fragmented demon mountains.It is a respected king level powerhouse. From different directions, they are flying Protective Mask towards Ye Han and flying together to make a sound.This is the result of the wish of Fang Han, who pretends to be Fang Tianxiao.In a blink of an eye, Ye Han has gathered around a dozen Wang class powerhouses.When Qin Yue and others came ou. t of the Devil s Castle and reappeared in front of Qin De and others, Qin De and Protective Mask others were taken aback.Because, at this moment, Qin Yue and others are also gray faced, and each of them has suffered a minor injury.Even before, they apparently entered 17 people, but now only 12 people come Protective Mask out.What happened to other people A gentleman who Protective Mask cooperated with Qin De and blocked the volley and Wei Hui immediately asked.He is not a little shot, he has made all of them feel his power.Qin Yue sneered If you Protective Mask

want dust mask respirator over the shoulder this guy to die immediately, even if you look at it again.Upon hearing such a discourse, Xuan Wei and several of them had to give up the idea of saving people for the time being, and dare not act rashly.Xuanwei calmed his face and said coldly You must not forget, we still have a lot of your captives where to buy medical masks in your hands.If you dare to hurt a cold hair, then they will immediately disappear from this world.This sentence can only shock the people who have relied on Ye Hao or Ye Protective Mask Hao.After all, if Ye Hao and Ye Hao have problems, they don t Protective Mask know Protective Mask where to go.Even if they don t do well, they will pursue their responsibilities.However, soon Qin Yue responded and 3m particulate sanding n95 respirator with valve said directly If ffp3 mask 3m you don t say that I have forgotten, now you will give me all the hostages.Otherwise, we will kill Ye Han immediately. Good Hongyue immediately flashed, appeared in the s.ide of Fang Protective Mask Tianxiao , a sharp blade in the hand directly placed on the dying leaf cold neck.She said in a deep sugar face masks voice, I will release them immediately, or I will immediately end the life of this guy.When Protective Mask the sound fell, the sharp edge in her hand even cut the neck of the Ye Han caught in the hands of Fang Tianxiao , and the blood Protective Mask sudde

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